Register as an instructor

MLO's instructors can arrange lessons by themselves.

We welcome your willingness to customize your lessons to match each of the students’ abilities whilst incorporating any feedback provided by the students.

You can register in 3 steps

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    Registration is free.

    As the first step, please tell us what instruments you can teach and send us your resume as part of your application.

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    The second step is an online interview where we will ask you about your lesson plans and teaching styles for MLO.

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    Start teaching

    If successful, you will be able to set up your “My Page” where students can learn more about you after you agree to our Terms. Now you are ready to start teaching.

How MLO works

Students can access MLO from anywhere in the world.

Instructors who register with Music Lesson Online (MLO) give music lessons to students through our online video conference system.

MLO’s music lessons are a new option, different from traditional face-to-face music lessons done in a classroom setting.

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Why you should use MLO to give online music lessons.

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    At MLO, online lessons are taught in our virtual classroom. There is no need to disclose personal information such as your e-mail address to students.

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    You may like to expand your audience and invite your MLO students to your concerts and events.

    More features will be added in the future, such as short video lessons, clinics and music camps organized by MLO.

Settlement of Lesson Fees

MLO’s system manages all lesson times, cancellations and student fees which allows you to solely focus on your teaching. We hope that MLO can act as a platform to spread your music and introduce new students to your teaching. Instructors are paid within the first five business days of the following month.

You can check all details of your lessons on your MLO "My Page”.

Lesson flows

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    1. Lesson schedule
    Students buy points from MLO and make appointments on your lesson schedule.
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    2. Changing the lesson schedule
    It is possible for instructors to cancel lessons without being charged. However, to avoid disappointing students and asking them to reschedule their lesson, we ask you to monitor your schedule closely.
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    3. Lesson Preparation
    Please prepare by reviewing the student’s profile and their expectations before your lessons.
    Please prepare your laptop, tablet or smartphones. Laptops are strongly recommended for the quality.
    We highly recommend to use headphones or earphones during your lesson for the sound quality.
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    4. Give lessons
    Please enter the virtual lesson room at least 5 minutes before the scheduled lesson time to start the lesson on time.
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    5. After the lesson
    Please provide your student with written feedback; your feedback and encouragement will help to build rapport with students.
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    6. Receive payment
    We make payment for the lessons before the 10th day of the following month.