QWhat is MLO?

MLO is a website that provides online jazz lessons.

QWhat subject can I learn at MLO?

Piano, Guitar, Organ, Bass, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Flute, Clarinet and Drum lessons are available at MLO. Also you can study Music Theory, Jazz Improversation, Music Composition/ Music Arrangement and Song Lyrics and Diction.


QDo I need anything for the registration at MLO?

Only email address is required for being a membership at MLO.

QDo I have to take lessons if I register as a student?

No, you don't have to. However, please be aware that points have expiration date.

QCan a child register for MLO?

Yes, any person can register for MLO membership. MLO asks parents to pay for their children.


QCan beginners take lessons?

Yes, they can. We recommend them to choose instructors who is experienced with teaching beginners.

QCan a child take a lesson at MLO?

MLO doesn't restrict any age for taking lessons. MLO suggests parents to be beside with their children during lessons and choose instructors who are strong at teaching children.

QWhat languages are available?

We have English, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish speaking instructors. Please choose instructors who can speak same language as you do.

How to book a lesson

QHow can I book a lesson?

Please click "Instructors" on the top of main page and then choose an instructor. In the instructor's profile page, you can book a lesson from the instructor.

QHow far ahead could I reserve a lesson? Also, how many lessons can I reserve?

Reservation is available from instructor's opened schedule. You can reserve lessons as many as you have points.

QCan I give MLO points to my family or friends as a gift?

Currently, you can't send MLO points to others. However, you can buy MLO points for your family or friends on their account.

Payment and Point

QWhat is the payment method for MLO points?

MLO accepts the payments by credit card and PayPal.

QWhat types of credit card can I use?

You can use VISA, Master and American Express.

QHow do I use my credit card?

There are a few steps to use your credit card at MLO. The list of the process is listed below.

①Please input your credit card information

1,Credit card number: Please input your credit card number.

2,MM/YY:Please input the expiration date of your credit card.

3,CVC: Please input your CVC number which is usually 3-4 digits on the back side of the credit card.

QCan I update my credit card information?

Yes, you can. When you use your new credit card, your old credit card information will be removed from MLO.

QI can't use my saved credit card on MLO? What can I do?

The system will ask PIN code when you renew your laptop or logout your credit card. Please input the PIN code on the text message you receive.

QCan I get a receipt?

Please email here to get a receipt.

QCould I get a refund for purchased points?

Unfortunately, MLO doesn't refund you once points are purchased.

QIs there maximum amounts of points that I can purchase?

No, there is no limitation for that. However, please be aware that points get expired in 6 months after the purchase.

QDo points get expired?

Yes, points will get expired after six months of purchasing the points. You cannot extend the expiration date and points will be removed from your account after the date. You can check your total points and expiration dates on "Points balance" page.

QCan I buy points with any currency?

MLO points can be purchased by USD, JPY and Euro. Points can be purchased with the most recent currency rate that MLO updates on their website. (1 point = 1 Yen)

QCan I get a quantity discount if I book several lessons?

MLO doesn't provide any quantity discount at this point. MLO will announce at the website if there is any new campaign.

QCan I give MLO points to my family or friends as a gift?

Currently, you can't send MLO points to others. However, you can buy MLO points for your family or friends on their account.


QI don't own a webcamera.

It's required to have webcamera for lessons. Please be prepared before lessons. If your tablet or laptop doesn't have a webcamera, you can buy an external webcamera at electronic stores.

QIs there any required equipments to use MLO?

Required equipments are a tablet, laptop or PC with a webcamera. Also, the video conference web-service, appear.in is used for MLO lessons. Please be aware appear.in operates on only Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera. Also, you can test appear.in if you are worried that whether it works properly.

QCan I see Mac for lessons?

Yes, you can use both Mac and Windows. If you have the internet and a webcamera, you can use laptops and tablets.

QShould I wear earphones or headphones during lessons?

You don't have to, but MLO recommends you to use them for avoiding howling. MLO also recommends you to take lessons at a quiet place to improve the quality of the sound during lessons.

QCan I take a lesson with my smartphone?

Yes, you can. However, if you are an iOS device(iPhone, iPad) user, you will need to download the official appear.in application.

Also, MLO suggests students to take lesson with bigger screens like tablets or laptops.

QShould I use an external microphone for a lesson?

You don't have to but MLO recommends students who concern about the quality of sound to use an external USB condenser microphone.

Technical problem

QI can't start a lesson.

The video conference web-service, appear.in is used for MLO lessons. You do not need to register or download any software to use appear.in. However, please ensure that you are using Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera. If you do not have any of these browsers, you can download them by clicking the name of the browsers listed above. Please be aware that appear.in doesn't operate on Safari and Internet Explorer.

If your default browser isn't the right browser, the link MLO send you via e-mail before the lesson won't open automatically by clicking the link. In that case, please copy the link and paste it on Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

QHow do iI set Chrome, Firefox or Opera for my default browser?

For Apple users;

1, Please go to "System Preferences" and click "General".

2, Please select the browser that you want to set as default browser at "Default web browser".

For Windows 10 users;

1, Please click "Setting" in your start menu.

2, Please select "System" and go "Default apps".

3, Please select the browser that you want to set as default browser at "Web browser".

Also, there are many instructions if you search online.

QI can't enter appear.in.

Please make sure that you are using right browser(Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera.) If you are using Windows, you can find the browsers at "Start". If you are using Mac, you can find the browsers in "Application".

Lesson trouble

QIs MLO responsible if there is a lag or noise during lessons?

We can't correspond to technical problems in live, but please report MLO the problem after lessons at customer.support@musiclessononline.net.

QIf there is any trouble during a lesson, do I get a refund?

Please report MLO here at first. MLO will investigate what cause the problem and refund you the points depends on the investigation.

QThere are lot of lags on appear.in.

The recommended internet speed for appear.in is over 1Mbps.

Also, Sharing WI-FI with people may occure the delay on the video chat.

Please be aware that weekends and holiday season can effect the internet speed as well.

How to take a lesson

QWhich web page can I start my lesson?

Please click your name on the top of the website and go to "Lesson". There are the list of lessons that you booked and you can start your lesson from that. Please enter the appear.in room about 5 minutes before the lesson.

QCan I still take a lesson if I'm late for the lesson?

If you are late over 30 minutes, MLO confirmed your absent. MLO doesn't refund points for sudden absences and late attendance.

QHow does a lesson start?

MLO suggests both students and instructors to enter the apper.in room about 5 minutes before the lesson. When both students and instructors get ready, the lesson starts.

QCan I take lessons with instructor from oversea?

Yes, you can. The lesson time is displayed with your timezone, so you don't have to worry about the time lag.

QWhere is time zone that is displayed on the website?

The time zone is displayed as the location where you set on your profile. If you want to change the time zone, please update your profile.

QCan I take a group lesson by one account?

No, you cannot. Please purchase points and take a lesson individually.

QCan I learn my favorite songs?

Yes, you can.

QCan I take lessons as many as I want in a day?

You can take lessons as many as instructors schedule is open. MLO suggests both student and instructors to take a rest when you take lessons several hours in row.

QI forgot my password for MLO.

Please click "Forgot your password?" on the login page. MLO will send you a URL to reset your password.


QIs there any fee for rescheduling and cancellation?

There will be no charge if the cancellation is made over 72 hours prior to a lesson. The cancellation between 48 to 72 hours prior to a lesson will charge you 30% of the lesson points. The cancellation between 24 to 48 hours prior to a lesson will charge you 60% of the lesson points. The cancellation within 24 hours prior to a lesson will charge you the full lesson points.

QCan I book and take a lesson on the someday?

Unfortunately, you can't book a lesson within 24 hours prior to a lesson.


QCan I take a free trial lessons?

Unfortunately, MLO doesn't provide any free trial lessons.

QMy teacher didn't show up for my lesson.

MLO will refunds the points fully for the lesson after MLO confirms the absence by the instructor.

QCould I rent an instrument?

We don't rent instruments.

QWill MlO give me any suggestion when I buy an instrument?

Unfortunately, we don't.

QCould I buy an instrument at MLO?

We don't sell instruments at this point.

QCan I contact with instructors?

The both student and instructor's contact information is not disclosed. Please email here if you want to send messages. MLO will forward the messages.