Browser and web-service

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    Please prepare your laptop, tablet or smartphones. Laptops are strongly recommended for the quality.

    The video conference software, is used for MLO lessons.

    You do not need to register or download any software to use (See Details)

    However, please ensure that you are using Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

    Also, If you are an iOS device(iPhone, iPad) user, you will need to download the official application.

    We highly recommend to use headphones or earphones during your lesson for the sound quality.

    Also, buying external microphones is a good idea to make your microphone sound clearer.(more info)

    If you do not have any of these browsers, you can download them by clicking the name of the browsers listed above.

    [Operation test for]

    Please test the on your devise before taking the first lesson if you are unsure that operates properly.

    1, Please open with Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

    2, Please type random letters after "". Then click "Create new room".

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    3, Please allow the permission to use the camera and the microphone if the browser ask you.

    4, If the screen shows you your face, successfully operates on your device.

    Please make sure to unmute by clicking the mute icon if you are in mute.

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