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Music Lesson Online (MLO) offers online private lessons for all levels of players from beginners, intermediate to advanced level players. Are you having difficult time finding an instructor in your area? Do you want to become a professional jazz musician? MLO can help you find an instructor for you.

Our instructors are professional jazz musicians from all over the world. They are performers but they also make their time available to give lessons to all levels of students. Instructors give lessons online from their studio or home office and you can learn from your own home, office or studio via PC or tablet PC.

Instructors give private lessons tailored for your skill level. Lessons are fun and instructors help you improve your skills, knowledge or whatever you want to learn. If you are an amature musician, improvisation may be one of the skills you want to learn. You can learn the basic playing technique for improvisation from the professional musicians. They can also give you lessons on music theory for improvisation for all levels of students.

Ultimate goal for all jazz players is to perform improvisation sessions with your jazz friends. Professional jazz musicians can give you the best lessons for improvisation because that’s what they perform in front of their audience.

Are you worried about the language barrier because instructors may not speak your language? Many of MLO students take lessons from instructors who do not speak their language because instructors give music lessons not in just words but by their actual performance. Most of the instructors find English as a common language. You only need to learn few basic jazz terminology to start your communication with instructors. We hope you take up on the challenge many MLO students have already done to take lessons from instructors all over the world.

You may want to give MLO lessons as a gift to your family or friends. (please click here for more information)


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  • 2018-11-08

    Brad Rabuchin is touring Japan from this weekend. He will perform with his band and also some jazz guitar duo.

  • 2018-10-15

    MLO instructor, Steve Sacks will be performing with his latin Jazz Band, MAMBO INN at Shibuya JZ Brat Sound of Tokyo on Oct 17th. Also, they have released their new album. Please check them out if your are in Tokyo.

  • 2018-07-10

    Eric Alexander is touring in Japan. Please check it out if you are in Japan. His jazz private lessons are available online at MLO. The list of the shows are below.
    7/10 Tokyo Koto-ku 「森下文化センター」 https://www.kcf.or.jp/morishita/
    7/11 Kofu 「Cotton Club」 http://cottonclub.jpn.ch/
    7/12 Yokohama 「BarBarBar」 http://www.barbarbar.jp/
    7/13 Shizuoka 「LIFE TIME」 http://www.fugetsuro.co.jp/lifetime/
    7/14 Ashiya 「Left Alone」 http://www.left-alone.jp/
    7/15 Shimonoseki「東京第一ホテル下関」 http://www.tdhs.co.jp/
    7/16 Saga 「シネマテーク」 http://cinema-theque.com/
    7/17 Fukuoka「バックステージ」http://backstage.fukuoka.jp/
    7/18 Matsuyama 「Y’s Cafe」 http://ys-musiccafe.com/
    7/19 Osaka 「ロイヤルホース」 http://www.royal-horse.jp/
    7/21 Saitama「入間市産業文化センター」 http://iruma.or.jp/sb.top.html
    7/22 Tokyo「TUC」http://tokyotuc.jp/
    7/23 Isesaki, Gunma 「きつねくぼ蔵」伊勢崎市連取町1238-1 tel:0270-248545
    7/24 Sendai 「リラクシン」http://www.relaxin-sendai.com/
    7/25 Fukushima「Music Bar Harbest」 http://musicbar-harvest.moo.jp/wp/
    7/26 Yamagata 「テルサ」 http://www.yamagataterrsa.or.jp/
    7/27 Akita 「The Cat Walk」 http://www.jazzcatwalk.net/
    7/28 Hachinohe 「南郷ジャズ・フェスティバル」 http://www.city.hachinohe.aomori.jp/i…/27,113720,91,475,html
    7/29 Tsuruoka 「Bar Chic」 http://www.e-yamagata.com/eyamab/0235224958/
    7/31 Hoya 「こもれびホール」 http://www.komorebi-hall.jp/calender
    8/01 Akasaka「B flat」 http://bflat.biz/

  • 2018-06-18

    Harunobu Tsuchida, Ichiro Miyake duo jazz concert
    MLO instructor, Harunobu Tsuchida will be performing the jazz organ at Hitotsugicho Club on June 6th.
    Please check it out if you find it an interest.

  • 2018-06-14

    Eric Alexander's jazz online lesson is available at MLO. Please contact MLO, if you wish to take his lessons.

  • 2018-06-14

    Eric Alexander's jazz online lesson is available at MLO. Please contact MLO, if you wish to take his lessons.

  • 2018-02-16

    MLO has got a congratulation message from Eric Alexander. His lessons will be available in the near future at https://musiclessononline.net

    "I’d like to congratulate Music Lesson Online on their web-launch which brings an exciting opportunity to the world of music education. By offering Online lessons over the internet, taught by a wide range of eminently qualified instructors from all over the world, Music Lesson Online promises to be an invaluable tool for students of all levels, nationalities and backgrounds. I applaud them for their concept, and hope to be working with them in the near future! 
    Eric Alexander, tenor saxophonist, New York City"

  • 2018-02-09

    Today, we announce the online private music lesson service by MLO/Music Lesson Online has started. MLO has a list of teachers with only top jazz musicians. Do you have a jazz teacher for your instrument around you? Do you want to hear experiences from top musicians? Do you want to relearn jazz again? Check MLO out at musiclessononline.net

MLO's promise

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    Reservation and Payment

    For your convenience and safety, reservation and payments for lessons are made via our points system.

    MLO handles all communication with instructors, payments and cancellation fees, in order to make your MLO experience as pleasant as possible.

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    MLO offers lessons from top class musicians.

    MLO provides lessons by top-class musicians from all over the world.

    MLO sets up clinics and workshops where students and musicians can interact with each other.

    More features will be added in the future, such as short video lessons, clinics and music camps organized by MLO.

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    For your safety

    If any person who claims to be an instructor or an MLO-related personnel asks directly for a payment/your contact details such as e-mail address or telephone number, please notify MLO’s customer support team immediately at customer.support@musiclessononline.net.

    Please be reassured for your safety that MLO will never pass your contact details to instructors.

    MLO provides lessons with the video conference web-service that doesn't show your contact information to anyone. It is different from other web services such as Skype.

    All the payments for lessons will be made by MLO points that you purchase.

How to use MLO

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    1. Registration to use MLO

    Membership registration is required to use the services offered by MLO.

    Registration is free of charge. MLO does not charge any monthly fee.

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    2. Browser and web-service (more detail)

    Please prepare your laptop, tablet or smartphones. Laptops are strongly recommended for the quality.

    The video conference web-service, appear.in is used for MLO lessons.

    You do not need to register or download any software to use appear.in.

    However, please ensure that you are using Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

    Also, If you are an iOS device(iPhone, iPad) user, you will need to download the official appear.in application.

    If you do not have any of these browsers, you can download them by clicking the name of the browsers listed above.

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    3. Payment

    You need to pay for your lessons with the points.

    Points can be purchase from MLO and can be paid via credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

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    4. Search teachers and instruments

    You can search for an instructor by the instrument or by the language they speak.

    The schedule is shown in your timezone (chosen during registration) so there is no need for you to calculate any time differences.

    There will not be any cancellation fee if the the cancellation is made 72 hours prior to a lesson (more detail).

    If you need assistance to choose a teacher, please contact MLO Customer Support (Concierge).

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    5. Take a lesson

    Lessons are done on the video conference web-service, appear in. Each lesson is assigned unique video conference ID.

    Enter the video conference room at least 5 minutes before the scheduled lesson time and wait for the instructor to sign in.

    * We recommend your device is fully charged or plugged in to a power supply during your lesson.

    The lesson location can be anywhere if you have a laptop with internet connection.(See Details

After the lesson

MLO appreciates your candid reviews about the lesson content, your instructor, as well as our website, MLO. The review will be sent to your instructor. Please note that we may share your reviews but your name will remain anonymous. Instructors may send you feedback about your lesson.

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    Customer Support

    Here at MLO, we provide customer support to maximize your experience with us.

    After booking your first lesson, you may wish to familiarise yourself with our video conference web-service, appear.in.

    Please contact us by e-mail at customer.support@musiclessononline.net and we can set this up for you.

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